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Eater Tastings: Nolita Burlesque, McNally Comes Out Swinging, Varietal Corks It, and More!

Inside Smith and Mills, delivering throwback chic to Tribeca. Photo by Kalina.

More of this week's dish from Eater...

1) The neighborhood kids in Nolita aren't too keen on Forty Deuce bringing the burlesque to the hood.
2) McNally v. Bruni, round two. This time it's about Ed Levine.
3) More McNally! The skinny on how those playing cards climbed up onto Balthazar's ceiling. BONUS: Have you heard of this McNally fellow?
4) Deathwatch in the afternoon: Right on schedule, Varietal "closed its dining room as the owners reexamine the direction of the restaurant." A moment, please.

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