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On the Racked: Helio Lands on Broadway, Rats Invade Bowery Whole Foods, New Ties for the Wall Street Set, More!

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Central Village: On the eve of the iPhone debut, mobile phone carrier Helio prepares to throw open the doors of its first New York City store, on Broadway just above Houston. Interesting move, Mr. Don't-Call-It-A-Phone.

2) FiDi: The new Wall Street edition of Hermès, heralded by some inane person or other as the rebirth of retail downtown, finally opened its doors this morning. First word from a Racked correspondent on the scene: "This is essentially a tie store." Also: "We were able to take two interior photos: security staff clearly not
trained yet." Click on through for the evidence.

2) Lower East Side: Abridged reader report from Bowery Whole Foods: "Anyway, while I was checking out the 2x4 section of meatless products, a rat the size of a small cat, ran across the floor and into the back butchery. It had blood on it's tail. My boyfriend screamed and everyone in sight stood frozen for several minutes. Then we continued shopping."

4) Soho: Attention fans of Mexx Soho: you have until end of day Monday to shop here before the store closes forever.