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Brooklyn Bridge Park Spares No Expense

Maybe you've followed the saga of Brooklyn Bridge Park--the controversy about the condos that will be built or maybe the $150 million price tag, which has roughly doubled from the original tab? So, today, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle weighs in with a deconstruction of what some of that money was spent on and it lurches into territory that belongs to Eater. Like this:

lunches on the taxpayer dollar for meetings several times a month, generally ranging from$12 to $35 a plate, at restaurants like The Coffee Shop, Ennju and Union Square Cafe. Thousands of dollars in lunches are only a fraction of the expenses that have since 2003 whittled at least $30 million away from the park’s $153 million capital budget...No Momofuku Ssäm Bar? And if you're not down with the food angle, there's fun stuff like the $9,443 spent in a single day to serve eviction notices to containerport operator American Stevedoring. Must have been a very impressive eviction notice. Officially, these are 'pre-construction' and 'soft costs.'
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