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WTC Chase Tower Will Block Church's Heavens

Here in all its cantilevered glory, via Kohn Pederson Fox and The Real Estate, is a glimpse of the future JPMorganChase tower set for Site 5 of the redeveloped World Trade Center. You know, it's not really that different from the scare tactic we've previously mentioned. As reported, the cantilever will extend 165 feet out over Liberty Park, making things a little dark for picnicers. And it will also extend over the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, to be rebuilt at the southwest corner of Liberty and Greenwich Streets. Blocking the sky above a church? Sounds sacrilege, but Port Authority executive director Anthony Shorris adds the spin: "The church at this point does go under the cantilever and it actually offers some interesting opportunities in terms of lighting and to make the church an even more splendid contribution to the community." Speaking of splendid contributions, Chase will give the church millions of dollars to keep them happy. Wait, is that considered a tithe?
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