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Holding Mass for the Pope Building

Of all the wacky visions that have come across our desk over the years, Horizen Global's Carlos Zapata-designed building at 39-41 West 23rd Street has always been a favorite. The Pope building first became known to us nearly two years ago, and in that time, nothing much has happened. There was a tepid approval, and then Horizen switched its intentions from condos to a five-star hotel. Still, though, the Holy See has never left the dreaded "pre-development" phase. And now it could all be over. NSNYRE's Nigel Shamash tells us that the property is for sale for $36 million, or $400 for every one of its 90,667 buildable square feet. Nigel's two cents: "Isn't too over priced, I think it may have a shot. None the less, it can't be good news for the mega developments near by, namely the stratus and the saya... or maybe it doesn't mean anything." So full of mystery, that Pontiff.
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39-41 West 23rd Street

39-41 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010