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The Catch: The Two-Day Stayaway

The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Nominees to the tipline.

What/Where: One-bedroom penthouse rental in Midtown West.
Looks Good, Right?: The pictures on this Craigslist listing look quirky and fun, and amenities include a doorman, utilities (including, uh, a stereo) and a spa bathroom. And who can argue with that price? Only $1,950 per month!
The Catch: OK, maybe there is something to argue with, because if you don't have a Hamptons summer share or an understanding buddy to crash with, your $2k/month is still going to leave you somewhat homeless. Says the listing: "looking for a professianl situation where i use the place on weekends. you use it during the week!!!!" Maybe you can sleep on the roof deck?
· Listing: $1950 / 1br - WEEKDAY Penthouse Rental w Roofdeck!!!!!!! [Craigslist]