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WTC Chaos Update: Transit Hub Reduced to Rubble

[Photos courtesy BrianVan/Curbed Photo Pool]

Intellectually, we always understood that the far-more-attractive-than-it-needed-to-be temporary PATH Transit Hub at the World Trade Center site wouldn't be with us forever, but seeing photos of the rubble on the just-demolished site is, nonetheless, jarring. Writes our phototipster BrianVan, "I'd think they'd at least be a little less brazen than this. The nicest temporary transit station New York's ever had, gone forever. (But soon to be replaced by that Calatrava wings thing.)"

Soon? Well, not exactly. Per an update at, there's a new temporary entrance just to the south of this debris, an entrance that will move again this fall to the corner of Vesey Street at West Broadway, where a two-year run is scheduled. Tickets on sale now!
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