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808 Columbus Construction Rattles Neighbors

As our fanatical interest in 808 Columbus and its related developments on the far Upper West Side mounts—please remember, we're talking Whole Foods here, people—a tipster kindly sends along the above aerial shot, and this update from the scene: "Foundation work is well under way on the west side of Columbus. Digging the 3-story deep/3-block long pit has been going on for months. They seem to have hit lots of bedrock. They're using a series of 7 to 8 huge jackhammers mounted to earth moving equipment. The incredibly loud sound echoes throughout the neighborhood all day every day starting at 7am. I'd hate to be living at Park West Village—I'm 2 blocks away and the sound is horrible. And to think it will start all over again on the east side of the block!!!" But all worth it for the inevitable cheese cave, no?
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