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Hotel Chelsea Fallout: Ethan Hawke Arrives, Naps

With a tip o' the fedora to Living With Legends, which appropriately has been all over this story, let's update the doings at the iconic West 23rd Street Hotel Chelsea. You may recall that the hotel changed management last week for the first time since the mesozoic era, sending longtime residents and fans into a bit of a fit. Since then:

1) On the heels of word that hotelier André Balazs has cased the joint and may become involved with management, a rogue banner graces the buildings facade, begging for the return of the previous managers.

2) Prior to the banner protest, hotel residents received a charmingly old-school typewritten letter asking them to pay their overdue rent. This is apparently not done at the Hotel Chelsea, and people got upset.

3) In the nick of time, none other than Ethan Hawke swept into to the lobby to meet with the new management team, declaring, "This place is very special to so many people that it's scary." Mr. Hawke then nodded off.

Stay tuned for more updates on what's quickly becoming the saga of the year.
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