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Spooked By Gertel's, Kossar's Embraces New LES

Kossar's Photo via Flickr/NYC Wanderer

In light of the sudden and shocking closing of Hester Street's Gertel's Bakery, we were especially relieved when our buds at Racked told us that another Lower East Side institution, Kossar's Bialys, would not be going anywhere. But that doesn't mean changes at Kossar's aren't afoot. Instead of remaining frozen in time, going about their old fashioned baking business and pretending that rising rents won't eventually force them to close up shop, the Kossar's team is well aware that they have to adapt to the new, gentrified Lower East Side. So what to feed the young urban professionals who will soon call The Ludlow, BLUE, 50 Orchard and all the rest home? The Loho Realty blog has the answer:

But starting tomorrow, Monday, June 25, Kossar’s, the world renowned bialy store, is having kosher sushi delivered daily (better be daily, or you’ll smell it) from Eden Wok.OK, maybe it was an obvious choice. Still, we're not sure how the old-school local holdouts will feel about having their lox served wrapped in seaweed.
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