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CurbedWire: Closings at One Ten 3rd, Mayne to NYC?

EAST VILLAGE—More from the non-boobed One Ten 3rd, as a tipster writes, "Just got a letter from Toll Brothers. My closing date is July 27th. I am sure that's only for the lower levels and the side of the building that doesn't go near the construction elevator." [CurbedWire Inbox]

STARCHITECTURE— A tipster emails concerning the architect of Cooper Union's Psychedelic Pleasure Palace, "I came across this guy’s blog in which he claims to have spoken directly with Thom Mayne about opening a Morphosis office in Chelsea by August of THIS YEAR. Apparently Mayne sites the time zone advantage of NYC in relation to his growing number of European and East Coast projects as the impetus for the NYC branch. He even claims Mayne has been renting in Manhattan and is looking to buy! No mention of a new office on and I did a little research but was unable to corroborate this info." [CurbedWire Inbox]