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Will Iron Triangle Auto Body Shops & Junk Yards Go Peacefully?

[Photo courtesy of crackerCAM/flickr]

One of the more interesting real estate development stories in Queens over the next 12-24 months will be city's efforts to develop the area in Willets Point (next to Shea Stadium and the new Citifield) that is called the Iron Triangle. iTri, if you will, has few paved streets, little in the way of sewers and 250 businesses and manufacturers (think auto body shops, etc.). In any case, the new City Limits runs down the current state of affairs concerning iTri and some local reactions to city's plan for a convention center, a hotel with up to 700 rooms, 5.5 million square feet of residential space, retail and a “regional entertainment destination.” A lot of the businesses say they're not selling, which could mean the city will end up taking via eminent domain. Unclear what anyone will be able to do about that ripe smell 'o sewage that can waft off the nearby water and through iTri and where the roosters will go.
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