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Buster's Urban Camper Pulls Up Stakes

Big congratulations and many bonus points to reader Charles Smith for his winning reply to our Guess the Location post from last week. Yes indeedy, that tarp-covered hole could be found at the site of the now homeless Buster's Garage. Turns out they weren't campers anyway, but pile load testers. Eh, what? Whatever they were, they've now departed, replaced by a hard working construction crew. The address is 24-34 Leonard Street (aka 176-184 West Broadway) and it sits just outside the Tribeca West Historic District. And it's about to become a new residential building designed by architects Beyer Blinder Belle.

[A plan for the site from 2005]

According to the Department of Buildings this new one will rise 10 stories above little Leonard Street and contain a mere 16 units within its 88,724 sf. Wow. That's an average of a generous 5,545.25 sf/ unit. This is in contrast to a prior plan put before Community Board 1 which was noted in a November 2005 article posted at The Real Deal. An industrious Archi-Sleuth over at WiredNewYork, pianoman11686, saved that article which outlined a plan for a chunky 12 stories and an obviously dinkier bunch of 30 units. Geez, all those numbers. Makes one want a cocktail. Buster's can't re-open soon enough.

[The site sits just outside the boundary of the Tribeca West Historic District]

[Across W. Broadway a new building is rising for the New York Law School]

[The site includes the lot where Buster's once stood and an old garage to the west]

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