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First Look Inside Shvo's White Space

This is a big day for Michael Shvo, who?when not reviewing your suggestions for how to steer his company?is busy marketing and selling fabulous new condo developments. Tonight, Shvo will host a party launching the sales drive for his latest, 650 Sixth Avenue, which we've briefly mentioned before. A partnership with the Jack Shainman Gallery, the Chelsea condo conversion will cram 67 collection-ready units into a six-story Beaux-Arts building at 20th Street. The theme here is "gallery living," with the apartments serving as "private galleries celebrating light and openness," according to the marketing materials. The sales office is also done up like an art gallery, with renderings and models mixing with various pieces. Watch that wine!

If you're still not following the intersection of art/living thing, the launch party will be co-hosted by photographer Mark Seliger, and the evening has its own art show-style title, "Blur the Line." Got it? As an aside, this looks like a new page out of the Shvo playbook. Whereas everyone is used to marketing campaigns celebrating the characteristics of the neighborhood where a building is, this time around he's sticking those characteristics inside the building, so that people who want to live near the Chelsea gallery atmosphere can now experience it while still in their underwear. Well, and not get arrested.

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