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EVil's A Building Has New Sales Pitch: Mannequin Boobs

Now that One Ten 3rd is sold out, the Toll Brothers' sales office on Broadway just below Union Square has switched priorities to the Tolls' Williamsburg properties. Which means that, for all intents and purposes, the East Village sales office war with the A Building is over (Winner: One Ten!). So how is the A Building adjusting? We've already commented on the freaky nature of the sales office, and that weirdness has been ramped up now that the A is the only game in town. Check out the window display last weekend: A poster-sized blow-up of a bare floorplan, which was probably deemed way too boring for that wacky East Village. How to balance it? Ah, of course, with a silver mannequin wearing nothing but glasses and a necktie! Is this the suggested dress code for the A Building's future residents, and if so, can we pop in for a tour after the move-ins?
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