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Curbed PriceSpotter: Upper East Side Indoor/Outdoor

PriceSpotter is our weeklyish game in which we provide photographs, a floorplan, and other assorted details of a for-sale apartment and you crunch the numbers to come up with a listing price. The big reveal tomorrow. Until then, best guesses in the comments, please. Oh, and don't cheat.

What/Where: 5 BR condo, 84th btwn Lex/3rd (p'house)
Square Feet: 6,700 (+3000 ext.)
Maintenance: $7,145
The Skinny: This is a duplex apartment covering the 5th and 6th floors of a glass-facaded building. In addition to the terrace on the upper level, which features an outdoor kitchen, there's a private rooftop deck up top. Elevator opens into the middle of the apartment and the internal staircase is "sculptural." Hard to put a price on that, no? We think you're going to need the floorplan for this one.

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