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EXCLUSIVE: Shadow Study for Chase's Tower of Darkness

JPMorganChase's planned 42-story Tower of Darkness just south of the World Trade Center sports a massive cantilever that hovers out over Liberty Park—a cantilever that critics of the project charge will plunge the park into eternal night. But yesterday, architect Gene Kohn said that "extensive studies" show the cantilever itself won't cast any additional shadows on the park. At that time, we commented that it might be interesting to see such studies ourselves. You know, just to make sure everyone's being honest here?

Bingo—a special Curbed correspondent has leaked us the Powerpoint from the Port Authority's June 21 board meeting. In short, the five-slide masterpiece backs up Kohn's claim—at least, based on the shadow studies the architects selected (above). One might wonder why midsummer at 7pm, for instance, wasn't included in the study, given that shadows will be longest then. Actually, one might wonder a lot of things. But hey, let's give Kohn some benefit of the doubt here as he tackles the remaining issue with this building: elongated shadows or not, it's still freakishly, horribly ugly.

[Slide 1, above]

Slide 2: This authorization provides for JPMorgan Chase to lease a site in World Trade Center designated as the “T-5 Site” or Tower 5. JPMorgan Chase, at its own expense, will develop, occupy and maintain an office tower up to 1.3 million square feet of space for a lease term that will expire in 2100. The Port Authority will have the right to approve all major construction and design firms selected by JPMorgan Chase.

Slide 3: This rendering is a preliminary concept of the building, provided by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. The JPMorgan Chase building will accommodate approximately 42 floors, including the lobby. It will include up to seven unobstructed trading floors of up to 60,000 square feet each, office floors will be approximately 32,000 square feet. The building may also have up to 45,000 square feet of retail/amenity space, which should include a bank branch of approximately 15,000 square feet.

[Rendering of tower in context with WTC site]

Slide 4: Again, this rendering is a preliminary concept of the building, also provided by KPF. JPMorgan Chase will make an up-front, lump sum lease payment of $290 million. JPMorgan Chase will also contribute an additional $10 million to the WTC Memorial Foundation and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church projects over a seven year period. The construction of the cutoff wall is estimated at up to $10 million, which the Port Authority will pay up front and which will be reimbursed by JPMC.

Slide 5: This diagram shows the impact of the height and cantilever of the building on the shadows cast by Tower 5 on the memorial. The Sun and Shadow Study concluded that reducing the height of the building to accommodate a cantilever actually reduces the extent of the shadow cast on the Memorial site by the Tower 5 building.

Slide 6: The proposed lease is consistent with the Port Authority’s redevelopment strategy for the World Trade Center site. The proposed transaction with JPMorgan Chase advances the rebuilding of the WTC site in a timely manner while securing a major financial company for the project and Lower Manhattan. Therefore, Commissioners, your approval is requested.

Aaand there you have it! Problem solved in less than half a sentence!
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