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Pomeranc on Allen: Now with Fancy Logo!

Did you perchance notice that it's hotel day at Curbed? Yes? Then of course you were expecting an update on 60 Thompson hotelier Jason Pomeranc's Lower East Side spatel. Via the prying eyes at HotelChatter, we've got several fresh renderings from the project that the official site says will be named Thompson Lower East Side. Above, the west-facing side at night, which looks just about as hideous as we'd expect given the glass already installed. The stylized Thompson LES logo, though, more than makes up for it—how soon until we can get one of those on a polo shirt?

This here is what we tak to be the lobby. To get the full effect—that is, to stare at the above rendering with lounge music pumping—open the official Thompson site in another tab. Glorious.
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