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Coney Island #2: Meet the 'Freakenspiele' & 'Bizarre Bazaar'

[Photo of rendering courtesy of Kinetic Carnival]

Some flesh was added to the bones of those Coney Island v 2.2 renderings last night, with Thor Equities theme park consultant bringing out a lot of previously unseen renderings and an overall description. Highlights include a big tower near the boardwalk called the Freakenspiele (we're not sure of the spelling and Google comes up bone dry) with 40 foot LED screens and a free-fall ride in the middle. Then, there's the Bizarre Bazaar, described as a "subculture souk" that is designed for an area that will be "the subculture suburb" and the home address of "the freaks." There's a giant elephant fountain. An overhead "Steeplechase" roller coaster (not to be confused with the Leviathan that would go in and out of all the buildings). And, that indoor water park, which will be six stories up. "It's street front, it's urban, it's New York," developer Joe Sitt said of the package. As for Astroland, the developer said "we're trying to keep things open" but noted that "Astroland did sell the business." He said "our goal is to make sure there is a similar concept there" rather than empty land next summer. We have to say we like the word 'freakenspiele.'
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[Both photos of renderings courtesy of Kinetic Carnival]