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Checking In With the East Houston Hotel

Right off the bat, sorry about the headline. But seriously, what gives with the East Houston Hotel? Sure the Lower East Side needs another boutique hotel like it needs a barge pool full of pee, but we've been waiting on this sucker for over two years, and Gridskipper's big reveal made mention of a February opening. Is this 6 Columbus all over again? Maybe, maybe not. A special Curbed phototipster?OK, it was Racked?writes:

I walked by the East Houston Hotel this afternoon and took a few pictures -- the windows were pretty well papered up, but I got a shot of what looks to be some mattresses stacked up in the ground floor lobby area. Seems as if some progress has been made in the past few months, but is moving pretty slowly. I liked the wallpaper visible through one of the second-story windows. Very promising.Yes, we give props on the wallpaper, but can this show get on the road already? If the new-construction Pomeranc-on-Allen opens before the tenement-converted EHH-on-Eldridge, then our brains might explode.

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