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Glenwood Stitches Together a Parcel in the Garment Center

Developer Glenwood Management Corp. has recently grabbed up a bunch of properties on West 37th and 38th Streets in the heart of the Garment Center. They're now demolishing some old-timey buildings there (including an ancient U.S. Post Office Garage from 1918) to make way for what will most likely be another one of Glenwood's elegantly luxurious (or is that luxuriously elegant?) rental towers. A resident of W. 38th who lives nearby was screaming bloody murder over at WiredNewYork the other day, wondering what the hell was going on. One of the Wired regulars did some digging into the NYC Department of Finance website and uncovered the Glenwood transactions. Not too much info on what is planned here. But one thing seems certain: With a combined footprint at the site of about 50,000 square feet this one is gonna be BIG.

[The lot along W. 37th (left) and the old US Post Office Garage on W. 38th]

Glenwood's website (where news of this newly-acquired property has yet to surface) claims that their buildings are found in "prestigious locations". Hmmm. Makes one wonder if the Glenwood gang spends much time on the streets between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. They must be thinking forward to the day when that open space just to the west is all tall and glassy. When that day does come whatever goes up here will probably fit right in.

[Ballinger & Perrot's 1918 U.S. Post Office Garage coming down]

[The view from West 37th across the site to Renzo Piano's NY Times Tower]

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