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CurbedWire: 166 Perry's Clipped Angles, Chelsea Storage Shortage, Fire at the Sheffield

WEST VILLAGE/CHELSEA—A Curbed reader wonders whether today's angular Development Du Jour is really as edgy as advertised. He writes, "I think 166 Perry (above left) was inspired by this new development currently going up on 18th St. and 10th Ave (the Chelsea Modern, above right)." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA—Bad times for Chelsea shipping and storage businesses. "According to our doorman," writes another reader, "the Manhattan Mini-Storage building on 23rd Street (between 10th & 11th aves) is going to be closed and sold off (yet another condo conversion). Our doorman heard this from the super of the Mini-storage building who heard that's what's going down, so I don't know how reliable this is. If that goes, as well as the gi-normous U-Haul building, that's going to be a sweet piece of real estate. Does anyone know whether or not this is true?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

HELL'S KITCHEN—Finally, a reader files this fire report from the battleground that is Sheffield57: "Perhaps a little late, but Friday evening (6/23), there was a fire at Swig's Sheffield57, where the remaining tenants are pretty unhappy to start with due to living in a construction zone.

"Several fire trucks turned out. Of course, since the building's address is 322 W. 57th St. they came on 57th St. Except that Swig closed off the 57th St. entrance to the building while creating his fancy (?) new lobby, so the only entrance to the building is through the service entrance on 56th St. Oops.

"Fire damage was confined to an apartment on one of the upper floors, no human injury. The cause of the fire is not clear. In a letter to tenants, Swig suggested it was due to the tenant having overloaded an outlet. Except tenants have been complaining about electric surges, cut electric wires, and electric cables being strung throughout the hallways for a while now. Don't know what conclusion the fire marshall came to." [CurbedWire Inbox]