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Burg's Hipster Park Opts for Full Work Week

You can crack all the jokes you want about how Williamsburg's recently opened East River State Park is a barren stretch of waterfront land with few trees. The main issue that people in Williamsburg have had with it is the fact that it has only been open on weekends and closes early. Well, blogger INSIJS, who has watched every development in the park like a hawk, reports that it's moving to a seven-day work week starting July 3. He writes:

The upgrade of the park to seven-day access is a major milestone...East River State Park represents the first major 'giveback' to many longtime residents...Next up, maybe someday, is a big park to the north. In the meantime, there's no word on whether the pre-sundown gate locking is still in effect, whether there will be late hours on July 4 or the status of the dog ban, but with the Pool Barge opening next week too, the Brooklyn waterfront scene is going full tilt for summer.
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