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Have You Met Our Friend Billy?

McCarren Pool/looming condos photo via Flickr/Sarah Brown

Really? Now? That will probably be your response to the Post turning over the Home section to Williamsburg today, but while that reaction would be correct, you'll be as surprised as we were to find out that the big feature story is somehow not cringeworthy. Well, except for co-opting North 8's "Williamsburg, All Grown Up" slogan. This is more like an even-handed Williamsburg for Beginners type of thing, and the introduction kinda says it all:

If Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood were a person, it would be going through its awkward phase, transitioning from free-spirited adolescent into responsible adult and experiencing constant physical change. That change is coming in the form of a residential housing explosion.Very true, although we'd probably refer to some of those new condo buildings as the acne of the awkward stage. As for news, here's something we don't think we've heard of yet: The Sofia, a converted bakery at 234 North 9th Street that will include 13 lofts. Our buzz meter, woken from its Williamsburg slumber, rests between guarded and elevated. Also, the radically chic 20 Bayard has sold a respectable 25% of its units already.
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