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Big Bust on Bond Street: Keeping Out the Riff Raff

Are things getting a tad too enticing down in NoHo? A bit too beguiling on Bond Street? Something certainly seems to be attracting some unwanted plug uglies down to that neck of the woods lately. Maybe it was due to yesterday's news about the Self-Storage King and the promise of his Castle on the Cobblestones at 41-43 Bond. Or could it be all that new money being minted by those hedgers over at stoney 25 Bond? Perhaps it's the imminent invasion of La Vida Loca at Ian Shrager's 40 Bond. Or all that scary darkness encasing 48 Bond. We're not really sure what's causing the brou-ha-ha. But, whatever it is, one super slick operation that went down yesterday should make all those new downtowners feel safe and sound in their cozy condo enclave.

New York's Finest turned up in all their undercover glory late Wednesday afternoon and very smoothly cleared quiet little Bond Street of a few evil doers.

[Bond Street cleared & safe; faces & plates obscured to protect those who protect us]

Three scruffy dudes who thought a nook below some construction scaffolding was the perfect place to test their wares were quickly cuffed and marched into the back of one very non-descript van. Then the caravan of unmarked vehicles moved slowly along the nearly-deserted street. In their wake they left behind a few pedestrians. All eyed each other. And then checked their cell cams. Aha! Got the shot! Hold the Presses!!! Bond Street is safe again. Come out and enjoy yourselves!! No need to hide behind those big gates. After all, it's a great little neighborhood. Let's go get a drink.
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