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Squirrels Join Smith Street Building Fight

A couple of days ago, we checked in on the trouble on Smith Street over that controversial building that's led to a variety of protests since late May. Well, now, we've got this flyer that's appeared in the plaza in front of the Carroll St. F train station on Smith Street:

This morning dozens of very tiny pamphlets appeared on each of the trees on the F train subway plaza at Smith and 2nd Place...It seems the squirrels are angered that all the trees on the plaza will soon be cut down to make way for Scarano's building, and they will have no place to store their nuts.Can't wait to see what the local rats do.
· Carroll Gardens #2: Smith Street Building Fallout Continues [Curbed]
· Will Carroll Gardens Fight 'South Beach' Look? [Curbed] BONUS: The summer of discontent of architect Robert Scarano--designer of the building noted above at 360 Smith Street--seems to be continuing. The New York State Department of Education has sent out a letter saying "Please be advised that we are working closely with the NYC Department of Buildings on a number of investigations focused upon Robert Scarano, RA?" Scarano, you might recall, has already dropped out of the program that lets architects certify their own plans. The "investigation" missive is making the rounds via email courtesy of a local City Council Member.