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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) On the Racked: iPhone Fanatics Start Lining Up (43 comments)
"Just walked by the 5th Avenue Store and the same guy is number 1 on line. Due to the heat, he has decided to NOT wear a shirt. This could reduce sales at the store till 6/29. Apple should think about paying him off to leave."
2) Sky Studios Has Cancelled Your Wedding (40 comments)
"Sky Studios has created a huge shit storm of lawsuits filed by a bunch of pissed off brides. This should be fun."
3) New Two Trees Dumbo Building Is About Kids and Steel (31 comments)
"I got that brochure too...very clever that the pitch is that they want to build a middle school on the site, but have chosen a picture of what looks like elementary school kids to use on the brochure. Big difference! Elementary kids--managable. Middle school kids--buck wild!"
4) BREAKING CurbedWire: Blackout on the Upper East Side (28 comments)
"Here we go again.... What do they do with all the money I give them all year?"