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Ask Curbed: Heaven Above, Noisy Club Below?

A special friend o' Curbed emails today with an urgent apartment question:

Got a question for you about an apartment. As I mentioned we're close to closing on a loft on lower Broadway, south of Canal. Two bedroom at back of building, second floor but tons of light and quiet. But here's the wrinkle. Under us is an 11,000 sqf empty commercial space. The super says it's going to a shoe store but we're concerned it could become a restaurant or club, though broker says building would never allow that. Our big issue is that if a restaurant went in there our place would lose value, even though we are in back of common space and there's no room for a garden. Do you or Curbed readers have any thoughts? I'm looking for some direction.
As ever, your insights, dreams, and fears in the comments. Thanks.