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The Catch: Tall Light-Sleeping Homebodies Need Not Apply

What/Where: Sublet (two-month minimum) one bedroom in an Upper East Side apartment starting July 1.
Looks Good, Right?: "The apartment is located in a great neighborhood (63rd & 2nd) with everything you could want nearby. The building includes an elevator and laundry in the basement." Nice, and only $900. Sold yet?
The Catch: Beware, normal-sized humans! From the listing: "The situation with the room is a little more complicated....considering that its an open loft over the living room. Its a large space but the catch is that its low...really low, 5 feet to be exact. So unless you are 5 feet or less you will not be able to stand in your room. So far this hasnt bothered anyone who has stayed in it considering that it is large enough to hold a bed, dresser and much more. Its also very open, which you can close off if you choose but we recommend that whoever stays in this room is someone who wont be in it often and wont mind noise when they are." Well, when you put it that way!
· Listing: $900 Great apt...move in July 1st! (Upper East Side) [CL]