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Chase Architect: No One Will Go To Liberty Park Anyway!

The Downtown Express is out with their story on the infamous JPMorganChase shadow study for the company's 42-story tower-to-be at the World Trade Center, and we think it's safe to say that architect Eugene Kohn of Kohn Pedersen Fox might need some more media grooming. As we all know, New Yorkers are very sensitive about their public parks, and when they think you're going to plunge one of them into eternal darkness with your massive cantilever, we're not sure going on to call that park useless is the best strategy to calm nerves:

The “so-called park” slated to be built near JPMorgan Chase’s new World Trade Center headquarters will get enough sun but not many visitors, the architect leading the project told Downtown Express this week. A. Eugene Kohn, a founding partner of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, said he expects few people to climb up to the one-acre park on Liberty St. because it will be 17 to 20 feet above street level in sections, and it will be over a noisy delivery truck entrance to the W.T.C.

It’s more of a visual park,” Kohn said in a telephone interview Monday. “It’s not likely to be used much — that’s my guess although I could be wrong.”

Kohn then went on to kick a homeless person.
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