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Ask Curbed: Can I Be Boiled in My Own Apartment Juices?

Here's a query from the Curbed mailbox that seems just about right for this damp, post-flood moment:

Wondering if the experts at Curbed can help me here: my building has been undergoing external renovations on brickwork for about the last year. In order to prevent damage, they removed all window air conditioners and placed plastic sheeting over the windows on my side of the building about 3 weeks ago. Additionally, I have a second floor apartment, and the wooden scaffolding prevents my opening any windows in my living room. The combination of an inability to open windows, no air conditioners, and plastic sheeting makes for an unbearable greenhouse this legal??? Can I get the management company to do anything about this? Or do I just have to spend all day in a bathing suit due to the unbearable heat? Thank you...Alas, no photo. To the comments!
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