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Revere Dome to Come Back to Life as Shopping Mall & Condos?

If that thing in the middle of the top rendering looks familiar, it's because it is. It's an approximation of the Revere Dome in Red Hook, redone as the glass entrance to what looks like a huge shopping mall plus condos. The mall and condos, of course, would be mall in Red Hook where the Revere Dome used to be. We don't know what this rendering actually means, but the website belongs to Magnusson Architecture and Planning. The tipster who pointed us that way wrote, "Whether or not it's a real proposal or was done for fun, Thor has some ambitious plans out there in Brooklyn's final frontier." Is it a conceptual drawing? An actual plan? An outdated thing that's been up for a while without being noticed? Last we heard, Enrique Norten and TEN Arquitectos were doing the site, so maybe it's totally old. The details noted on the site are as follows:

Client: Thor Equities
Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn
Total SF: 1,661,200 SF
Residential SF: 907,000 SF

Retail SF: 250,000 SFIt says "the retail space is intended to be filled with a mixture of big box and local stores." The residential part of the 15-acre project would have 900 units and twelve story buildings. If it is real and current, there are small matters of zoning, etc. that would have to be resolved. Excuse us now while we go pinch ourselves to make sure we're awake.
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