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Bands, Hipsters, Etc. Come Out for Wiliamsburg's Domino Plant

The "Don't Demo Domino Concert" in Williamsburg yesterday offered some interesting visual and listening opportunities. Turnout was decent, if the 853 petition signatures collected at the Waterfront Preservation Alliance's event are an indication. Meantime, Domino might be the beneficiary of the sympathy vote after last year's 184 Kent landmark fight and the Greenpoint Terminal Market conflagration because it's starting to look like everybody is in favor of saving some of the complex, including the developer. That, however, only means the fight will shift to saving parts of the complex that aren't up for landmarking, whether 2,000 planned residential units are too many for the site, whether 30-40 story towers are too tall, etc. So, there could always be a Stop the Domino Towers Concert to look forward to.
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