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It Happened One Weekend: Bushwick Hotter than Ever!

1) Bushwick is burning! Bushwick is burning! Ah, dammit, just some old furniture warehouse, not the whole neighborhood. [Gothamist, photo courtesy NY1]

2) Posh midtown hotel The Royalton closes next week—June 10 to be exact—for renovations. The place will reopen in October with fancier penthouses and presumably even plusher carpets. Those who use the bar/lobby area as a hideout for illicit affairs are advised to relocate elsewhere immediately. [NewYorkology]

3) Revisiting a debate that we'll still be mulling on Curbed in 2525: "Are boards that choose to assess instead of raising maintenance unwittingly jeopardizing the property values they seek to protect?" For your reading convenience, the obligatory Jonathan Miller quote appears in paragraph six. [Teri Karush Rogers/NYT RE]

4) The woman who sells handbags via this spiffy website now resides in Washington Heights. To help her overcome this difficult turns of events, please buy her handbags. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

5) Fun family activity suggestion of the weekend, courtesy of the NYT: "One way to check for partial clogs, Mr. Carter said, is to fill up all bathtubs and sinks in the house, station someone at each sink and toilet, and on a signal, have all of them pull the plugs and flush at the same time." We're so doing this. Right now. [Jay Romano/Your Home]

6) Unstoppable NYC cupcake trend has spread to Los Angeles. Says Eater LA editor Lesley Balla, "Angelenos have been starving for sugar and carbs for so long that the bakeries seem like a breath of fresh air." [Audrey Davidow/Sunday Styles]