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Curbed PriceSpotter: Gold Coast, Loft-Style

PriceSpotter is our weeklyish development game in which we provide photographs, a floorplan, and other assorted details of a for-sale apartment and you come up with a listing price. The big reveal tomorrow. Until then, the comments are open. Special reminder for cheaters: You will not win.

What/Where: 1 BR duplex co-op, E. 9th btwn 5th/University
Square Feet: 2100
Maintenance: $3,352
The Skinny: There are five rooms here, some or which might pass for bedrooms if only they could see the outside. Still, the living, dining, and kitchen spaces are open, which emboldened the broker, who is also the owner, the to toss around the "L" word. The stairs lead to the basement, which has 800 sf of windowless storage space. Everything looks new, or newish, except maybe for those bars on the bedroom window.

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