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A Silo on Sixth in SoHo

Six short months ago we were pondering the activity down on Sixth Avenue just below Spring Street, where a gas station was being de-Mobilized. Now an intrepid archi-freak over at Wired New York has unearthed a plan for a residential development on the site at 140 Sixth Avenue at the edge of SoHo: It's a short-ish tower rising from a square-ish base and has been labeled a "lipstick" (ala Johnson and Burgee's big towering tube on Third and 53rd). But to us this new one looks a bit squatty. More like a glassy silo.

[The site at 140 Sixth Avenue on the edge of SoHo]

This new project is being designed by Anthony Morali of M Studio, whose website shows no renderings, but does describe the project succinctly as:

New Construction of 8-story Residential with Commercial on 1st floor (60,000 sf).With that Trump Thing rising a couple of blocks away, the eminent demise of the Moondance Diner down the street and the just topped-out Poon Palace over on Watts this stretch of Sixth is changing faster than you can say "Kool Bloo". A Morali Bonus: Below are some very colorful renderings for an as-of-yet unbuilt plan for 299 Seventh Avenue, across from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

[Another Morali proposal for the SE corner of Seventh Ave. and W. 27th Street]

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