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Interesting Brooklyn Building Strategy Revealed!

A couple of weeks ago we posted a photo sent by a tipster of the bizarro steel going up around a condo on the stretch of real estate one might call Maspeth Condo Alley in a far away corner of Brooklyn. (So far off, that you can look at it on a map if you wish.) A commenter noted:

Stay tuned for the June photo when they will, I quote, "cover the beams with brick & plant some flowers. It's going to look nice."Upon wandering by, we saw the beginning of the design solution--the gray bricks going around the steel beams. It all, apparently, has something to do with increasing the "overall footprint" of the building to make it okay that the building is seven stories, which one would thing someone would have thought of at an, um, earlier stage of the process. Maybe they'll do a hanging garden type of thing and call it a green building?
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