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New Development Architecture Showdown: Chelsea vs. LES

Above left, the new development slated for 133 West 22nd Street (between Sixth and Seventh Aves.), architected by Cetra/Ruddy, the team that gifted the Arial to the Upper West Side. The facade is curved, which leads CityRealty to this descriptive punctuation:

The curves will be to the east of the building's entrance where the facade is "straight."Yes, we've come to the point in Chelsea where a regular "straight" facade needs to be set off by quotation marks. Women and children to the lifeboats, please. And yet, it's not nearly as horrifying as 50 Orchard Street, the latest towering LES creation (this one 10 stories tall, deep on the LES between Hester/Grand), seen above right. As Chelsea goes all glass, the LES goes all crap. There's a good metaphor here somewhere, surely.
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