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Hoboken Auction Open House: "Top Notch"

The dream of living in fabulous Hoboken may be a little off the radar for some of you, but we're still intrigued with what's going on at Velocity Hoboken, the 128-unit development that's auctioning off 40 of those units later on this month for a minimum bid of $295,000 each. Hoboken Hero went to check out VH, and the result is an informative review and very very detailed photo tour. Some wisdom:

Yes it's close to where you'd rather not like it to be at the moment, however this should be of no consequence. And in a year or two when many of the other major developements are finished, such as Metrostop and Upper Grand, and the forthcoming retail presence of the Monroe Center of the Arts, you'll be so happy you scooped one of these puppies up at a fraction of the cost of market rate. From living in the area for a while now, it is clear that these condos SHOULD be getting market rate, just like anything else within a 10 block radius. I'm not kidding. YES, the original asking prices are way to high for this market, that is painfully obvious. Whomever drummed up the original asking prices should be fired because they are were way too aggressive. There's no wonder they had a hard time selling. However, the construction and ameneties are top notch for Hoboken, and you'd be a fool not to look at Velocity Hoboken if you are interested in upgrading your living space.Click through for a bunch more pics, including the interior courtyard, the staff that greets you and the super creepy Shining hallways. Oh, and that flat screen is way too close to the sofa to achieve the proper recommended viewing distance. Just sayin'.
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