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Sweet: A Look Inside Williamsburg's Domino Plant

[Photo courtesy of Nathan Kensinger Photography]

So, it turns out that some of the local photogs and photobloggers that keep finding their way into Brooklyn landmarks, have penetrated the Domino Sugar Plant. Photoblogger Nate Kensinger writes of the building, which is up for landmarking and was the subject of a Don't Demo Domino Concert on Sunday:

Shut down several years ago, Domino still houses hundreds of pieces of heavy industrial equipment. Abandoned offices, lunchrooms, science labs, locker rooms and loading bays are in one building, while another houses floor after floor of vats, boilers and furnaces. Molasses covers every surface, burnt brown sugar cakes the floor, and a sickening sweet stench pervades the entire complex.Jake Dobkin has posted a bunch of excellent photos on Bluejake. UPDATE: F. Trainer and Mercurialn have also posted sets of their Inside Domino shots.
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[Photo courtesy of Bluejake]

[Photo courtesy of Nathan Kensinger Photography]

[Photo courtesy of Food of the Future]