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J Condo Getting F'd

Above, you see that most unremarkable of sights: the studio apartment floorplan. But take a look at the building layout. Kind of an interesting shape, right? Ah yes, this is Dumbo's famed J Condo, and this is a flip. Corcoran's marketing page for the building has but one leftover unit for sale, so it's off to the age of resales for our large, glassy friend. A tipster writes of this small studio:

about $125K higher than the original price. though not many people paid the original price since there have been about 14 amendments. but at least 100K more than the price they likely paid since all the studios were sold by the 2nd or 3rd amendment. still a very reasonable price for a studio in dumbo i'd say.Corcoran broker Michael Coleman, who has the studio listing, also has three more units in the building. After the studio, the next cheapest is this $910,000 two-bedroom. So who out there missed out the first time around and still wants to get their hands on some Andres Escobar interiors?
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J Condo

100 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201