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Homebuying for Hipsters, and a Home for Hipsters to Buy

As pointed out by Brownstoner yesterday, Williamsburg's favorite real estate investment workshop?Homebuying for Hipsters?is back tonight for another go-round, this time at Treehouse. Perhaps unintentionally, the locations of the HfH meetings show the evolution of Williamsburg more than the actual purpose of the get-togethers. First up was Black Betty, sort of the old guard of Williamsburg cool. Then came Royal Oak, up on Union Ave., which for a moment was the hottest spot in the 'Burg (it briefly hosted the hipster dancefest Finger on the Pulse). Now the cool kids have been driven east towards Bushwick due to condos and high rents, so Homebuying for Hipsters has been pushed way out to a DIY boutique on Graham Avenue. Cultural anthropologists take note.

And if the youngsters who get knowledge at the event exit the shop with dreams of moguldom in their PBR-stunted brains, they don't have to look far for an opportunity. Graham Avenue's fish tank building is for sale (right). Writes a tipster: "A for sale banner was hung on the fish tank building on graham ave last week. a look at the website reveals an asking price of 2.5 million. seems pretty steep for 4 one bedroom apts. though i guess tinted glass is hot these days." The building is being delivered vacant at closing, so we assume all aquatic life will be placed in new homes.
· Listing: Four Family Frame House [Northside Plaza]
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