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Have You Checked Out the Greenpoint 'Toxindex'?

So, have you been over to the Greenpoint 'Toxindex'? It's a mashup of a Google Map with some photos and a lot of info on some of the most splendiferous spots along the body of water that makes the Gowanus Canal look like Evian-les-Bains--Newtown Creek. Check out the Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Facility, the Keyspan Natural Gas Facility, the Phelps Dodge Laurel Hill Development and everyone's All-Time Number One Favorite, the Exxon/Mobil Underground Oil Spill. There are fun factoids for everyone, for instance, how a pipline associated with the big Liquified Natural Gas tanks was found to be leaking methane. Also, make sure to read up on the former Phelps Dodge site where they used to smelt copper. Let's get those Williamsburg and Gowanus maps up, like, yesterday.
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