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On the Market: Rockin' Good Times at American Thread

A tipster emails, "Here's an interesting Stribling listing for you—a 2BR condo for $1.6MM at 260 West Broadway. The one thing they neglect to mention is that there is NO KITCHEN. At least not on the floorplan (above).. Is there much of a market for kitchenless condos? I hope the buyer doesn't mind eating takeout off of paper plates."

The unit, in the gorgeous American Thread Building in Tribeca, does seem to be sans kitchen. But judging by the listing photos, that was of little concern to the rockin' troupe that appeared to use this place as a recording studio (or, as the broker babble has it, a "composer's studio"). Wonder how that went over with the neighbors?
· Listing: 260 West Broadway [Stribling]