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Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Ruling React-O-Matic

Yesterday, a Federal judge dismissed the eminent domain case that had been brought to block the big Brooklyn Atlantic Yards development. Is it curtains for the opposition? No, but let's say that even though the ruling in Goldstein vs. Pataki will be appealed and a judge in a different lawsuit about the environmental review process could still toss a major wrench or two in the plans, the advantage is definitely with Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry. Anyway, here's some of the reaction since the news hit:

1) "Today's decision is an important victory not only for Atlantic Yards but for Brooklyn as well. This decision means we are one step closer to creating over 2,200 units of affordable housing, thousands of construction and office jobs and bringing the Nets to Brooklyn." [Bruce Ratner via Crain's]

2) "It is our view that if Judge Garaufis’s ruling is allowed to stand, then there are effectively no protections for private property in the State of NY. Any laws on the books will serve merely as a roadmap for developers and local governments to advance backroom deals, and will no longer act as guidelines meant to preserve constitutional rights." [No Land Grab]

3) "The resolution will emerge in the appeal, which could take four to six months." [AYR]

4) "We will appeal the ruling...We are confident that the appellate court will allow this case to proceed to trial." [Plaintiff Attorney Matthew Brinckerhoff via DDDB]