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Mack Daddy Sinking Large Fortune Into Plaza

The sales at the Plaza residences have turned into a high-stakes game of financial one-upsmanship. The Post's Braden Keil already reported that megadeveloper Harry Macklowe bought into the building, but now he's filled in the whopping details. Macklowe is looking to combine $60 million worth of apartments into one unit, except that one $4 million unit stands in his way. He might buy out the owner for twice what he or she paid, meaning this would be a $68 million residence, easily topping the $53 million record. Sales of $50 million and $56 million have been previously reported at the Plaza, but it's unclear whether these where Macklowe or some other completely insane rich people. If they aren't Macklowe, then all these combined mini-palaces would pretty much render the website's floorplans irrelevant.
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