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On the Beach: Hot Sand, Fun with Class Warfare, Shocking Openings, Juicy Burgers and More!

Mm, weekend. Time to check in with our friends at The Beach...

1) Dr. Beach says Coopers Beach in Southampton and Main Beach in East Hampton are the 3rd and 7th best beaches in the country, respectively. #1? Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City.
2) A new book purports to tackle Hamptons class issues via a list of subversive definitions. Here's one: "Hummeroid n. 1. An extremely irritating condition that consists of a having a Hummer riding your ass while driving. 2. The person driving the FUV that is tailgating you." Woo. That was a good one.
3) Come July, Brooks Brothers Country Club and J. Crew at the beach will open on Main St. in Southampton. Tennis whites for everyone!
4) Now serving: Bay Burger on the Sag/Bridge Turnpike. Think Corner Bistro meets Shack Shack.

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