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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Can I Skip the Final Month's Rent (107 comments)
"Why don't you just ask your landlord for a walk thru prior to vacating? Easy enough to do, and you can repair any damages - prior to departure. I'd also take photos, or video the apartment after all is cleared out, prior to leaving to protect your own interests."
2) Bands, Hipsters, Etc. Come Out for Williamsburg's Domino Plant (40 comments)
"nothing gets a message across better then a bunch of hippies dancing around freaking out squares. how many ralph nader and free mumia side protests were going on here."
2) [Your Name Here], You Rule Redux (40 comments)
"people who dig these ads are the problem with this country at present. these ads are unreal bad."
4) J Condo Gettign F'd (37 comments)
"There are currently a half-dozen studios listed between 249K-335K in the Heights for sale. 480K is an absurd amount to pay to live in a crappy building in a neighborhood that only has one subway, one bank, one grocery, and zero parking. Buy a place on Montague for 315K and spend the rest on take-out."