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High Line's Upper Third: Got $117m Handy to Restore It?

And now, some bad news for those hoping the developers of Hudson Yards 2.0 will find a way to preserve the upper one-third of the High Line, the elevated parkway-to-be that snakes around the development site. A report prepared by Tishman Construction estimates that restoring the upper third will cost $117 million, a number that Crains' Julie Satow notes "is likely to embolden developers seeking to tear down the railway... The cost of the High Line is crucial because it will lower the price developers are willing to bid for the right to develop the site and thus drive down the MTA's proceeds."

While we chew on that, the MTA is expected to issue its request for formal development proposals for Hudson Yards on Monday. Brace—for crap! (And a special Curbed announcement.)
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