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Match the Boymelgreen Building to its Catty Comment

The Brooklyn Paper today takes stock of developer Shaya Boymelgreen's projects along the Fourth Avenue Park Slope/Gowanus DMZ, as well as some of his other goings-on, including (from L-R) The Crest, Park Slope Gardens, City View Gardens, NewsWalk and Novo. The real fun comes at the end, where two architects offer their assessments of the buildings. Here are some of those critiques, presented out of order:

1) "They’re trying to be arty, but it’s really lame, it’s really terrible."
2) "Maybe I wouldn’t vote for it in a competition, but at least I would say, 'Thank you for trying.'"
3) "It’s always amazed me what passes for luxury in New York."
4) "At least this has usable terraces, but in terms of style, it’s ? just so bad."
5) "It’s sort of more honest. I don’t think this is because of the architect, but because zoning prescribes this box, and the owner encouraged the architect to stay in the box."

That last one might be the greatest backhanded compliment of the decade. So what building matches up with what diss? You'll have to click through to find out.
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